This page will provide a brief description of the YouProtectorTM Shield while the more informative page is being developed. We are currently manufacturing the units and will be offering them for sale at $295.00 + $65 packaging and shipping via UPS starting May 18, 2020.

Please review the information and add your e-mail to the bottom of the page if you are interested in purchasing the product once we are ready to start shipping. For more pictures click on the arrows in the middle of the page or slide to the side on your phone.

To get the best quality, pricing, and production allocations we teamed up with a local Fort Worth-based fabrication shop and produce small batches based on the orders received. Due to increased demand for high-quality materials, if you are thinking to buy we recommend you place an order right away while the supply of the material lasts. We have been told that medical-grade acrylic will soon become a hot item like, masks due to the increased demand from many industries (banking, manufacturing, transportation, fast food etc) to create a barrier between people in their organizations.

A Story Behind!

I came up with the thought of a protector about 6 wks ago and worked with someone local to make my design. It weighed heavily on my heart the thought of having to choose between safety and treating others.

Over this time I have seen a couple of other people post similar shields However, I read everyone’s pros and cons and concerns with these barriers and tweaked my design to work the best for both the practitioner and clients’ needs/comfort. I know it won’t be for everyone but those that want extra protection this is a great option. Yes I understand that even with a barrier there’s still risk…let’s be a real risk is everywhere! But with proper protocols and this barrier, the risk is as low as possible. Of course, I will wear glasses, masks, and shields, and clients must wear masks while in the office but when doing facials that’s not possible. This is why this is great when a client speaks saliva is spewed and of course if they cough or sneeze, this will catch that debris and keep it from becoming aerosol in the air.

My thoughts are you won’t regret doing too much but you could be devastated by not doing enough! During my process, I also spoke with many clients and asked their thoughts on this and they were all on board and appreciated I cared enough to take these measures. Through many design changes and upgrades to enhance functionality, usability, durability and esthetics the creation was born that I called “YouProtector Beauty Shield”

The YouProtector is very easy to clean, you wipe with disinfectant then with glass cleaner so there’s no residue. It’s not cheap plexiglass that will deteriorate after too many cleanings, it’s strong. In the process of creation, we have tried different materials and end up using one of the best available, very thick, and durable 100% acrylic US-made medical grade materials. The design is angled for easy viewing,

I have used it and it does not create glares from lights, It’s comfortable for both you and the client. You have full access to perform skin or lash treatments, It is not a hot box and does not feel like a coffin. If you are the rebel that goes against the grain and it’s not for you… cool😎


Dimensions of the YouProtector space are 15x14x15 inches. The unit was designed to fit the majority of practitioner’s bed types and sizes while allowing plenty of space for you and your client. I have tried it on several people and no one felt uncomfortable or claustrophobic.

If you are interested in this extra layer of protection for you and your clients and ready to purchase the YouProtector please use the Paypal button below and we will get you on the list to send you your items right away, if we have them in stock or as soon as the next batch is manufactured.


Priced at only $295.00 per unit. Shipping and handling fees are extra. An average rate via UPS accross the US has been $65. We will provide the tracking. Free Pickup in Dallas-Fort Worth.

For payment please use the Paypal button above as this is the safest way for you and us to process your payment.

Contact Information

We will contact you to confirm your purchase and answer any questions you have please do not hesitate to call us at (817) 915-0129 during the normal business hours. Texting works great too. I am a practicing practitioner, wife, and mother of 4 kids so please allow me some time to get back to you.

Shipping Information

To be fair, all of the inquiries will be processed in first-come, first-served order. Our estimated date to start shipping the items are May 19, 2020.

We really appreciate your business and we hope you and your families will stay safe through these challenging times.

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The YouProtector Beauty Shield can be installed in seconds, sliding between the client and the bed with no hardware required. Our beauty shield can be used on any regular size treatment bed, it is easy to clean and maintain and it is easily portable.