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Created for Spa Practitioners

With the COVID-19 pandemic all around us the need for safety in your workplace and the well-being of your clients have never been greater. It is imperative to take every measure possible to ensure your clients feel at ease, the business doesn't suffer and most importantly your employees and guests remain healthy and safe.

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For Your Clients

Your clients deserve a break and discover again what it means to be at ease. Taking an extra step to enhance safety, like using a YouProtector Beauty Shield ™ will help to make sure they maintain a super relaxed state during their treatment


Designed by an esthetician for health and beauty specialists. As a practitioner, it is our responsibility to minimize the potential exposure of our clients, ourselves, and our loved ones from the COVID19 virus. YouProtector Beauty Shield is an additional measure you can implement to make your workspace safer especially when your client has to be unmasked during a facial treatment.

High-Quality Materials

We selected the most suitable materials to provide a balance between safety, durability, and usability

Simple and Effective Design

The sleek and highly efficient design allows sufficient space to perform the vast majority of the facial treatments

Ease of Use

Works with most of the beds. Installation and removal take seconds. No additional hardware or skills required

Sense of Safety

Provide the peace of mind your client needs during the treatment allowing full relaxation they deserve

Set Yourself Apart

Our Shield can help to promote your business as a new standard for safety and responsibility in your area

Made in the USA

We are proud to say that this product was designed and fabricated in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of the U.S.A.


See what other practitioners say about the YouProtector Beauty Shield. We have got an enormous amount of positive feedback.


I wasn't sure how I would be able to go back to work safely until I saw this. I will feel more comfortable returning having my YouProtector. Thank you for caring enough to make a difference. Cara

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Out of all the protectors for Esthetician's I've seen yours is by far the best. I think you did such an awsome job. Faith

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Samantha, you have done a great job of designing this. You have gone through a lot of trouble trying to keep Estheticians and clients safe. Your intention was to create something useful and protective and you did it. Congrats, Laura

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Beauty Industry Against Coronavirus

The message is loud and clear from the World Health Organization, COVID-19 is a pandemic and everybody needs to play a part. It has reiterated the message;
speed up the preventive measures, disaggregate the crowd, encourage social distancing, quarantine and protect yourself and the community with case detection and appropriate treatment measures. It is super important to do all we can to prevent the spread while easing back into the new normal.

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