YouProtector Beauty Shield + Accessory Tray

Elevate you and your client’s protection to a whole new level, providing everyone with enhanced comfort feeling to perform close contact procedures. Get near the client’s face while still providing a sense of comfort and relaxation for all.

With its fitted shape, the YouProtector Beauty Shield is designed by an award-winning esthetician to allow ample room for the vast majority of face treatments and is easy to take on/off your table for disinfection.


$295.00 for a limited time

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Benefits to Spa Practitioner

Unlike some other shields, our, almost invisible shield is very roomy and manufactured in a way that produces enhanced visibility. This means you won't have to worry about fog, glare, or reflection from the magnifying light. With plenty of room, your client can relax and enjoy every moment of their procedure, while still enjoying an elevated level of security and protection.

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Benefits to the Client

Your clients deserve a break and discover again what it means to be at ease. Taking an extra step to enhance safety, like using your YouProtector Beauty Shield will help to make sure they maintain a super relaxed state during their treatment

100% Medical Grade Acrylic

We use 1/4 inch thick walls to provide a solid and more durable solution. The material has up to 17 times the impact resistance of ordinary glass.

Flawless and Unified

The entire structure is made from a single piece of acrylic providing an easy way to clean and disinfect

Enhanced sense of dimension

From a client's perspective, the Shield feels much wider than its physical dimensions of 15x15x14

Light Weight

With a total weight of 8.00 lb. lifting, caring and working with YouProtector is fast and easy

Designed for You

Designed by an award-winning aestheticism and practitioner, the YouProtector is as close to having no barrier as you possibly can get

Durability and Versatility

Acrylic is impact-resistant and highly transparent. The YouProtector could also make a great product display case beyond COVID-19


Designed by an esthetician for health and beauty specialists. As a practitioner, it is our responsibility to minimize the potential exposure of our clients, ourselves, and our loved ones from the COVID19 virus. YouProtector Beauty Shield is an additional measure you can implement to make your workspace safer especially when your client has to be unmasked during a facial treatment.

High-Quality Materials

We selected the most suitable materials to provide a balance between safety, durability, and usability

Simple and Effective Design

The sleek and highly efficient design allows sufficient space to perform the vast majority of the facial treatments

Ease of Use

Works with most of the beds. Installation and removal take seconds. No additional hardware or skills required

Sense of Safety

Provide the peace of mind your client needs during the treatment allowing full relaxation they deserve

Set Yourself Apart

Our Shield can help to promote your business as a new standard for safety and responsibility in your area

Made in the USA

We are proud to say that this product was designed and fabricated in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of the U.S.A.


85% of people that bought Youprotector reported an increase in customer satisfaction and bookings after start using and including it in advertising!


I wasn't sure how I would be able to go back to work safely until I saw this. Now both I and my clients feel more comfortable during procedures having my YouProtector. Thank you for caring enough to make a difference. Cara

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Out of all the protectors for Estheticians I've used yours is by far the best. The design makes it easy to work with and I think you did such an awesome job. Faith

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Samantha, you have done a great job of designing this. You have gone through a lot of trouble trying to keep Estheticians and clients safe. Your intention was to create something useful and protective and you did it. Congrats, Laura

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Let’s face it, many of us have realized that certain Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) doesn’t seem to be working as advertised. YouProtector is not a gimmick, it addresses a real problem.  It allows you to have your mask in place while ensuring complete visibility with fog-free experience so you can do your work right

Beauty Industry Against Coronavirus

The message is loud and clear from the World Health Organization, COVID-19 is a pandemic and everybody needs to play a part. It has reiterated the message;
speed up the preventive measures, disaggregate the crowd, encourage social distancing, quarantine and protect yourself and the community with case detection and appropriate treatment measures. It is super important to do all we can to prevent the spread while easing back into the new normal.

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