Inventor Of You Protector Samantha Tisnoi interviews with Esthetician Connections Founder & CEO Sheri Flasch

Inventor Of You Protector and Esthetician Samantha Tisnoi interviewed recently with Esthetician Connections Founder & CEO Sheri Flasch. Samantha went over many topics, including the inception of her invention earlier this year of the You Protector’s Beauty Shield.

In Samantha’s recent interview, she goes over why she created the You Protector’s Beauty Shield. Samantha created the Beauty Shield to add a layer of protection to her and her clients during the initial Pandemic shutdown. “I immediately knew that I would have to have protection to go back.” Samanthas need for her clients and her protection drove the You Protector’s Beauty Shield to fruition. Closing down and giving up wasn’t an option.

During the interview, Samantha gives an example of how the You Protector’s Beauty Shield would protect by spraying a bottle as an example of droplets from another person. The device contained a lot of droplets that sprayed out in the demonstration on the Beauty Guard.

Samantha Revealed for the first time publicly on the You Protector’s Beauty Shield’s accessories that would roll out soon. In the interview Samantha revealed the You Protector’s Beauty Shield’s Tray that can go on either side of the device and hold tools and material needed to perform services.

Samantha goes over a lot of questions that have been buzzing around the Beauty Shield since they offered it to the open market. She addressed the costs of manufacturing, fighting for lower shipping rates and the services the device can be performed with.

In addition, Samantha spoke of Plans for a You Protector Lite version that will be thinner and more economical. The original You Protector will keep its dimensions and design. The You Protector’s Beauty Shield was designed with the highest quality in mind and will never compromise design or material to bring down the price to compete with other models.

The You Protector’s Beauty Shield is manufactured in the USA and is available on their website at


Google recorded a 200% increase in search for additional safeguards to protect their clients and themselves

Many are working hard to slow the spread of the coronavirus (covid 19) around the United States has led to protective protocols like social distancing, hand sanitizer and facemasks. A new safety precaution that’s quickly becoming a norm in public are sneeze guards. Sneeze guards are plexiglass and vinyl shields that protect workers and wearers from coronavirus-carrying droplets released when people sneeze, cough or speak.

Samanth Tisnoi an award winning Esthetician has taken the lead in her industry with the her recent design of a PPE germ barrier (sneeze guard)  known as the “You Protector.” With the recent shutdown of all nonessential business, Samantha knew she needed a way to protect herself and her clients when business opened back up. She designed and created a PPE Barrier (Private Protective Equipment) called the “YouProtector” which is a medical grade clear acrylic barrier, that allows clients to get skin care and lash services with an extra layer of protection against Covid-19 and other illnesses for both the client and the specialist. 

Businesses everywhere across the US are searching for new ways to offer the highest amount of protection to the customers and clients. Estheticians services are face to face making it difficult to practice social distancing. Clients receiving facials can’t wear a mask during the service but the Esthetician can. The “You Protector” adds an additional layer to lower the risk of spreading germs in a time where it is needed most. There is a huge uptick in demand. In fact, Google recorded a 200% increase in search for sneeze guards as people seek out additional safeguards to protect their clients and themselves. 


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The YouProtector Beauty Shield can be installed in seconds, sliding between the client and the bed with no hardware required. Our beauty shield can be used on any regular size treatment bed, it is easy to clean and maintain and it is easily portable.