With the threat of a high communicable virus like the coronavirus, business owners would want to be on the safe side before opening their Day Spa’s to the public.

Even before these Day Spas could start re-opening stores, they were faced with the challenge of maintaining brand salience. From a perception point of view, a facial, skin care and other beauty treatments are seen as non-essential, especially when compared to other services.

L’Oreal for example used its YouTube channel to create topical content under a series named ‘Lockdown Binge’ which includes tutorials on things like colouring hair at home. Similarly, Lakme India has also ramped up its portfolio of tutorials.

As the lockdown rules start to ease in certain geographies across the country, Day Spas now face the challenge of ensuring safety for their employees and customers. Some Day Spa’s Like Elite Skin And Lash in Colleyville, Texas are opening business to one client at a time with a plethora of new safety protocols. They have an industrial air filtration system (Clean Air Certified Salon), PPE and a YouProtector Beauty Shield (Sneeze Guard).

A lot of clients want to get back to some type of norm, but don’t want to be unsafe about it. So a salon that caters to one client at a time with upgraded protection is a must for some clients. Most procedures require for the clients mask to be off and they want to be able to do so in the safest way possible. Samantha Tisnoi, The inventor of the YouProtector Beauty Shield created her Esthetician sneeze guard for this purpose. A client is able to have an extra barrier between them and their Esthetician during their service. This is the new norm for now and helps out the industry.

The You Protector is made of medical grade acrylic and designed for high quality connoisseurs. Realizing that budgets are tight right now, You Protector is now offering flexible payment plans with Pay Pal Credit. Day Spa owners can help their salon stay above standard by incorporating the YouProtector Beauty Shield into their safety regime. It is easy to use, no assembly required and makes clients feel comfortable.

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The YouProtector Beauty Shield can be installed in seconds, sliding between the client and the bed with no hardware required. Our beauty shield can be used on any regular size treatment bed, it is easy to clean and maintain and it is easily portable.