It’s important to see how adapting to the challenges of a pandemic has actually strengthened our industry in many ways. Pat yourself on the back if you have had to make serious changes to your business; it hasn’t been easy, I know.

However, though it was hard at first, as time goes on, we become accustomed to these new and improved measures to keep our customers and staff safe during these novel and demanding times. And as a result, we should note the best practices that have evolved from this time and continue to practice them going forward.

1. Efficient flow of service.

One of the biggest benefits of limiting the number of people in your spa is that you have to be really efficient with your staff, scheduling and utilization of your physical space. Online and text message booking has freed up the phone lines in many cases.

Appointment times are set more generously to allow time for proper sanitation between clients. As a result, we are not overbooking clients and causing undesirable wait times and delays. In return, clients are honoring their appointment times more readily and realizing they cannot and shouldn’t be late for them.

We have new systems in place for physical distancing and we are communicating novel strategies for clients to adhere to, so they know they are safe. These are certainly excellent aspects to pursue going forward.

2. In-spa sanitation is the new norm.

Hand sanitizer stations at the entrances of your spa or salon is a fantastic best practice that has come out of this pandemic. Clients are enjoying the touchless soap dispensers and paper towel machines. Air purification equipment is a great add-on as well.

Requiring face coverings to protect the vulnerable population in your spa is also a huge plus. Encouraging hand washing and allowing clients to reschedule when they are ill is advantageous for the health and well-being of your facility. Estheticians and spa owners are becoming accustomed to using equipment like the face shields and disinfecting common areas throughout the day; it’s a great way to maintain a safe environment and keep germs at bay, pandemic or not.

3. Technicians are more protected.

By now, your skin care providers and estheticians are used to using the PPE required for their jobs. In fact, your staff may even feel more safe and secure using their face coverings, shields and gloves. Moreover, even if state and local health regulations do not require these measures in the future, it may not stop staff members from using them. Heightened sanitation procedures and PPE help staff feel confident about performing their duties; they know they are protecting themselves and the people around them. In a country where sanitation measures vary so much, state by state, this pandemic has raised the bar and allowed everyone to work on their A-game.

4. Quality of service improved.

Many spas have streamlined their spa menus; trimmed the fat, so to speak. Because time and space are of the essence, we now focus on offering our most popular and effective services. We are listening to what our clients actually need from us and we are delivering.

We are getting used to booking virtual appointments, whenever possible, to keep everyone safe. We are offering curbside pickup and online ordering, when possible, for retail products. We are working with vendors to offer great promotions and monthly specials. If anything, these unprecedented times have forced us to present our best selves and services to our community and clients.

5. More relaxing guest experience.

Have you noticed that your spa or medspa has become a more relaxed and tranquil place? Your clients are receiving more one-on-one attention and individual service. Many business owners are commenting that now that guests of clients are not permitted in the spa that their lobbies and waiting rooms are much more appealing.

Gone are the days of tagalongs and children filling your lobby or waiting room creating unneeded commotion and noise. While it may pose a slight inconvenience for your clients, we can see the many benefits of keeping visitors to a minimum at your spa.

Follow my expert advice and see that there are some brilliant best practices that have come from this challenging time. Increased efficiency in flow of service, better sanitation, safer working conditions, improved services and more relaxing guest experiences are benefits that will last. What benefits have you observed from this challenging time?

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